Fire Department News 

Be Fire Safe this Winter!

Keep Your Vents Clear

Did you know that a buildup of snow or ice around your appliance vents could cause your appliances to malfunction, possible resulting in a buildup of Carbon Monoxide inside your house? Regularly check your appliance vents and gas meters during the winter months and make sure that you remove any snow or ice that has accumulated around them.

picture showing snow cleared around appliance vents

Fire Hydrants

In case of an emergency, every second counts! During the winter months, and especially following heavy snowfall events, the North Perth Fire Department kindly asks the residents of North Perth to help us help you by keeping hydrants near your house/work clear of snow.

image asking residents to clear snow from fire hydrants

Monkton Fire Station Construction

As of June 5th, construction of the new Monkton Fire Station has officially begun.

Exterior of the Monkton Fire Station

Floor Plan of the Monkton Fire Station


Prepare and Practice Your Home Fire Escape Plan

home escape plan information card


Carbon Monoxide Awareness

CO Awareness Banner

As of April 15, 2015 Carbon Monoxide Alarms are now required by Law in Ontario Homes. For more information on the new requirements, please view the links below

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Questions and Answers

CO Alarms - It's the Law in Ontario

CO Safety Tips

Ontario's New CO Alarm Law - A Call to Action for Homeowners (Video)