Commemorative Bench & Tree Program

The Commemorative Bench & Tree Program (CB&T Program) invites the public to pay tribute to a person, organization or occasion by donating a bench or tree for installation in the municipality.

The Program will operate on a full cost-recovery basis while contributing to the beautification and "greening" of the municipality and increasing community amenities.


Any person wishing to donate a bench or tree must complete the CB&T Program Request Form. For Spring planting/placement, the request form deadline is April 1. For Fall planting/placement, the request form deadline is September 1.

2016 donations are still available for placement in Spring 2017.


The CB&T Program covers its costs with a fee of $2,500.00 (including plaque) for a commemorative bench and $750.00 for a commemorative tree. Full payment and completed request form is required prior to the donation being processed.


Individual plaques are offered for benches and group acknowledgement is made for trees. Choice of plaque wording for benches is offered on the Request Form.

Tree Species

Choice of tree species can be found on the List of Eligible Commemorative Trees. Eligible trees are native species.


Trees will be replaced at no charge within 3 years of the original planting date or subsequent replanting date if required.

Benches will be maintained for a maximum of 10 years and plaques will be maintained for a maximum of 2 years. Bench repair/replacement after 10 years will be at the Municipality's discretion. 

Replacement for vandalism will occur 1 time for a commemorative bench or tree.


Placement option include in downtowns, cemeteries, parks, trails and facilities in North Perth. Donors can list their preferred location on the Request Form but specific location is at the discretion of Municipal staff.

Tax Deductible 

The donation of a bench or tree is tax deductible. To receive a tax receipt, you must submit full payment before 12 p.m. on the last business day of the applicable calendar year.

Payment Options

  • Cheque Payment: Make payable to the "Municipality of North Perth" with "Donation - Bench" or "Donation -Tree" in the subject line. Return or mail completed form and cheque to:
    • Municipality of North Perth, 330 Wallace Avenue North, Listowel ON N4W 1L3
  • Debit Payment: Visit the Municipal Office with your completed form and to make debit payment.
  • Online Payment: On your online banking, select "North Perth Accounts Receivable" and enter Account No. 8888888888 (ten 8's). E-mail completed form to:  


Below is a sample model of what the commemorative benches will look like:

Example model of the commemorative bench with plaque