Councillor Ken Buchanan

Ken was raised on a farm west of Newry and being the oldest of 7 boys found it necessary to find a job. Ken attended a one room rural school and then LDSS for five years. Ken started working at Ideal Supply in 1966 and married Shirley Pike that same year. They have 3 sons who are all married and are proud of their 7 grandchildren. From 1975-1990  Ken was on the Atwood Fire Department. Ken joined the Atwood Lions Club in 1973 and is still a member.

While at Ideal Supply Ken was working on the electrical counter for 8 years prior to becoming an electical outside salesman {account manager] for the next 33 years and then retired in 2007. Ken enjoys his cottage in Grand Bend and  plays a small amount of golf,  as well as fishing once a year. Ken also enjoys all kinds of travel. 

Current Committee Appointments

  • Bluewater Recycling Association
  • Economic Development 

Contact Information

Coun. Ken Buchanan

C/O Office of the Mayor and Council
North Perth Municipal Building
330 Wallace Ave. N.,
Listowel, ON
N4W 1L3

Municipal Building: 519-291-2950 Fax: 519-291-1804