Fire Prevention & Inspections

Fire Prevention offers a variety of community fire safety programs for various groups, agencies, and associations throughout the North Perth area. Programs address fire safety at home and in workplaces such as schools, offices, factories, and stores. Public fire safety educators work closely with local community groups and are available to make presentations to the community.

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Complaint/Request Inspection

One of the major duties of the fire prevention division is to help owners, tenants, and/or workers deal with fire-related problems in the buildings they own or occupy. Upgrading of properties, using primarily the Ontario Fire Code as a minimum standard, is done on a continual basis to ensure exiting, containment, annunciation (alarms), suppression equipment, and assemblies are present where required by code.

Fire Code Enforcement

The fire department takes the enforcement of the Fire Code and all of its regulations very seriously. It is the responsibility of a property owner to ensure that all applicable regulations and statues are complied with. Property owners who fail to ensure that their properties meet the minimum standards of fire and life safety will be charged under the Provincial Offences Act and are subject to penalties as outlined in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997. These fines can be up to $50,000 for an individual or imprisonment for a term not more than one year, or both, or $100,000 for a corporation.

Fire Investigations

The fire prevention division will assist or assume the lead role in determining the origin and cause of the fires of an unusual nature, arson, explosions, fatalities, and/or fires that the firefighting division is unsure of the origin. The members of the division have specialized training in the science of fire investigation, which they can use to determine the cause of the fire and if necessary assist the police in ensuring a strong legal case in the instance of an intentionally set fire.

Fire Prevention Officers

Fire prevention officers offer public fire safety education through lectures and demonstrations to schools, institutions, girl guides/boy scouts/cadets, babysitters, general public, and other groups and organizations. They conduct fire safety inspections in all businesses and institutions and ensure fire protection equipment is maintained. Fire-related by-law enforcement, business and liquor license approval inspections, property transfer fire inspections, and fire code interpretations are available on request. They are also qualified in: fire origin and cause, determinations for fire investigations, courtesy home inspections, assistance in emergency planning, fire setters counsel, portable fire extinguisher training, etc.

Fire Safety Plans

The Ontario Fire Code requires a Fire Safety Plan for many properties or businesses. A Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective utilization of fire safety systems, equipment, and procedures in a building to protect people from fire. The fire department tests and evaluates whether these plans adhere to the required regulations.

Liquor Licence/Occupancy Load

For all new liquor licenses in the municipality it is important that the establishments are in compliance with the fire code. Fire Prevention Division is commonly requested to set the occupant load for the establishments based on the provisions set out in both the Ontario Building Code and the Ontario Fire Code. We do charge a fee for this service.

Site Plans Examination

In some instances, such as new schools and larger industrial occupancies or upgrades of existing buildings, the division will examine the plans before construction begins to ensure compliance to our codes. In most cases, this is a Building Department function since the buildings will be built under the auspices of a building permit.