Below is a brief timeline of how the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex became a reality for North Perth:

  • 2005 - North Perth Council requested that a Financial Rationalization Study be completed for the Municipality's parks and recreation facilities. Issues were identified with some aspects of recreation, including the current Listowel Memorial Arena. The results of this study led to the formation of the Recreation Advisory Committee.
  • 2008 - North Perth Council conducted a Facility Infrastructure Review. This review identified maintenance costs, estimated longevity and life cycle costs for Municipal facilities. Significant deficiencies and shortcomings were identified with the Listowel Memorial Arena.
  • 2009 - Recreation Complex Committee (RCC) formed to look into alternatives to the aging Listowel Memorial Arena. 
  • 2010 - RCC interviewed user groups and sent out a Community Survey to determine what North Perth residents currently do for recreation and what amenities were required in a newly proposed recreation complex.
  • 2011 - A Fundraising Feasibility Study was conducted by Campaign Coaches to determine the potential for fundraising in the community. It was identified there was a keen interest for financial support from individuals and corporations.
  • 2011 - From the community surveys and focus group interviews, five conceptual alternative designs were created and incorporated the amenities identified in the community input.
  • 2011 - North Perth Council requested that a complete business plan be developed to combine the studies and community consultations together for recommendations to Council. 
  • 2012 - Three community open houses were held in January and February. The five alternative design options for the recreation complex were presented to the public to gauge further comments and input.
  • 2012 - The Business Plan was completed and presented to Council in April 2012. Council approved the recommendations from the RCC. Council's approval allowed the "Building and tomorrow" fundraising campaign to start.
  • 2013 - Present - The "Building and tomorrow" fundraising campaign officially began in February 2013, with a goal to raise $5 million dollars towards project costs. This fundraising goal of $5 million has been far surpassed. As of April 2016, local community members donated 45% of the project's cost. The "Building and tomorrow" Campaign Management Team has held and been apart of multiple successful community events to raise funds and excitement for the recreation complex, including a Community Kick-Off, Hockey Day, Black Tie Bingo and Chill with Santa.
  • 2016 - On June 4, 2016, the official sod turning ceremony took place on the site of the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex. This ceremony marked the start of construction on the much-anticipated complex.