Reports & Publications

Links to North Perth Reports and Publications:

Reports are listed in alphabetical order.

Bridge & Culvert Inspection Report 2013: Listowel, Wallace and Elma Wards

County of Perth Business Retention & Expansion Study BR+E 2008

County of Perth Official Plan

County of Perth Retail Gap Analysis 2009

County of Perth, Town of St. Marys and City of Stratford Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan 2010 - 2014 

County of Perth, Town of St. Marys and City of Stratford Labour Market Analysis 2010

Energy Consumption and Green House Gas Emmissions Reporting - 2014

Highway 23 Upgrades and Intersection Improvements at Highway 23 and Perth Line 86, Listowel


Listowel Greenway Master Plan 2009 

Listowel Ward Official Plan

Municipality of North Perth Asset Management Plan 2013

Municipality of North Perth Corporate Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Municipality of North Perth Development Charge Background Study and Proposed By-law Change Consolidated Report 2014

Municipality of North Perth Downtown Areas Revitalization and Beautification Strategies

Municipality of North Perth Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Municipality of North Perth Joint Service Delivery Review 2014

Municipality of North Perth Master Growth Plan

Municipality of North Perth Wastewater Treatment Master Plan 2015

Municipality of North Perth Youth Attraction Strategic Plan

North Perth E-9 Bridge Inspection Report and Photos

North Perth Wastewater Master Plan Update And SCF Application