Your safety on our roads, streets and municipal parking lots is very important to us. The Municipality of North Perth regularly maintains and patrols roads, streets and municipal parking lots year round.

Entrance Permit

All new road access points for laneways, driveways and field entrances require an entrance permit. Please call the Public Works Department to book an appointment for an inspection and to fill out an entrance permit.


Please call the Public Works Department to report if a streetlight is out or not working properly. When reporting a non working streetlight, please provide the pole number or address of where the light standard is located.

Winter Maintenance and Regulations

Winter maintenance operations and guidelines are outlined in the North Perth Winter Maintenance Policy, By-law 153-2017.

For more information on winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks in North Perth, review our Winter Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions.

No Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is not permitted on any Municipality of North Perth street or municipal parking lot between 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. from December 1st to March 31st. Applicable fines will apply.

Vehicles impeding snow removal will be towed away at the owner's expense.

Depositing Snow on Roads or Sidewalks

Section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act states "No person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road." Applicable fines will apply.