The Municipality of North Perth Zoning By-law (44kb.pdf) including the key maps (43kb.pdf) is used to control the use and development of properties and buildings. Perth County Maps.  Zoning classifications include:

  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional

Each of these categories has legally enforceable regulations attached to them such as:

  • the allowable size of a property;
  • the location and size of buildings on the property; and
  • the number of parking spaces that must be provided on the property.

Zoning By-law Amendments

An application form (555kb.pdf) for a Zoning By-law Amendment can be obtained from the Municipality of North Perth Municipal Office from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Related Documents:

Online Consolidated By-law Text

Consolidation Note

Table of Contents

Section 1 General

Section 2 Administration, Enforcement and Penalties

Section 3 Definitions

Section 4 Zones and Interpretation

Section 5 General Provisions

Section 6 Agricultural Zone (A)

Section 7 Residential Zone One (R1)

Section 8 Residential Zone Two (R2)

Section 9 Residential Zone Three (R3)

Section 10 Residential Zone Four (R4)

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Section 11 Residential Zone Five (R5)

Section 12 Residential Zone Six (R6)

Section 13 Removed

Section 14 Hamlet Village Residential Zone (HRV)

Section 15 Rural Residential Zone (RR)

Section 16 Mobile Home Modular home Park Zone (MH)

Section 17 Downtown Commercial Zone One (C1)

Section 18 Downtown Commercial Zone Two (C2)

Section 19 Highway Commercial Zone Three (C3)

Section 20 Local Convenience Commercial Zone (C4)

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Section 21 Special Area Commercial Zone (C5)

Section 22 Hamlet Village Commercial Zone (HVC)

Section 23 Agricultural Commercial Industrial Zone (ACM)

Section 24 Light Industrial Zone (M1)

Section 25 General Industrial Zone Zone (M2)

Section 26 Mineral Aggregate Resources Zone (MAR)

Section 27 Institutional Zone (IN)

Section 28 Park and Recreation Zone (PR)

Section 29 Future Development Zone (FD)

Section 30 Natural Resources Environment Zone One (NRE1)

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Section 31 Natural Resources Environment Zone Two (NRE2)

Section 32 Flood Plain Zone (FP)

Section 33 Flood and Fill Constraint Area Overlay (FFCA)

Section 34 Adjacent Land Area Overlay (AL)

Section 35 (Holding Zone) (-h)

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Online Zoning Key Maps

Index Map

Key Map 1

Key Map 2

Key Map 3

Key Map 4

Key Map 5

Key Map 6

Key Map 7

Key Map 8

Key Map 9

Key Map 10

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Key Map 11

Key Map 12

Key Map 13

Key Map 14

Key Map 15

Key Map 16

Key Map 17

Key Map 18

Key Map 19

Key Map 20

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Key Map 21

Key Map 22

Key Map 23

Key Map 24

Key Map 25

Key Map 26

Key Map 27

Key Map 28

Key Map 29

Key Map 30

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Key Map 31

Key Map 32

Key Map 33

Key Map 34

Key Map 35

Key Map 36

Key Map 37

Key Map 38

Key Map 39

Key Map 40

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Key Map 41

Key Map 42

Key Map 43

Key Map 44

Key Map 45

Key Map 46

Key Map 47

Key Map 48