Zero Tolerance at North Perth Crosswalks

Posted on Monday October 30, 2017

North Perth has recently received an increase in concerns regarding the safety of our crosswalks and behaviour of drivers and pedestrians.

The Municipality would like to remind drivers and pedestrians of the laws regarding crosswalks. These laws must be complied with to ensure the safety of everyone.

At school crosswalks, drivers must stop a safe distance from the crosswalk when the crossing guard has their stop sign in the upright position preparing to enter the roadway and/or is directing pedestrians across the road. Drivers must wait until all pedestrians, including the crossing guard, have safely left the roadway before continuing on their journey. This applies if you are driving straight or turning left or right.

Pedestrians should always follow the direction of the crossing guard when using school crosswalks. For crosswalks where a crossing guard is not present, pedestrians must either obey signalized traffic lights or wait until there is a safe gap in traffic to cross. Pedestrians should never assume that vehicles will be able to quickly stop for them at crosswalks.

To increase crosswalk safely, the Municipality has painted sawtooth markings at our school crosswalks to indicate where drivers must stop when the crosswalk is in use. LED lights and additional signage will be installed around the crosswalks to increase awareness.

The North Perth OPP and North Perth By-law Enforcement Officer will also be increasing their presence at the crosswalks.

For more information, please contact:

Lyndon Kowch, Manager of Operations
P: 519-291-2950 ext. 2068