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330 Wallace Ave. N.
Listowel, ON N4W 1L3
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Patricia Berfelz
Municipality of North Perth
330 Wallace Ave. N.,
Listowel, ON N4W 1L3
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What is the RZone?

The RZone is an operating procedure that identifies a code of conduct which applies to all the Municipality of North Perth buildings, facilities, programs, parks and trails. The RZone procedure enforces a set of expectations around violence, vandalism and inappropriate behaviour for participants and the general public.

What does the RZone mean?

The "R" in the RZone logo stands for Respect and Responsibility.  Respect for Yourself; Respect for Others; and Responsibility for your Actions. The logo will serve as a reminder to staff and the public that the operating procedure is in effect and applies to everyone: participants, visitors, residents, employees, etc.



The RZone has been adapted with permission from the Town of Oakville.