Animal Control - Dog Licencing

Animal Control ensures a safe and healthy environment for both our residents and animals in our Municipality. Vince Smith, Animal Control Officer is contracted to provide animal control services to the Municipality of North Perth enforcing the Municipalities Animal Control By-law.

All dogs in the Municipality of North Perth must be registered and licenced with the Municipality annually. All Dog Owners MUST keep their dogs on a leash and abide by "poop and scoop" regulations!

Animal Control will be actively enforcing in all parks and trails within the Municipality of NorthPerth, and charges will be laid for those found in contravention of the By-law.

Dog Licences Fees - Schedule "K" of the Fees and Licences By-law

Although the Municipality of North Perth does not have a cat by-law, the owner of a cat has a responsibility to keep their cat on their property, and if going outside placing a leash or harness on their pet to restrain it. They must also be responsible enough to vaccinate and neuter or spay their cat to prevent attracting stray cats to the area