Green Cone Digesters 

Green Cone Digesters actually eat the food you don't and can help you save up to 33% of household waste that is collected.

The Green Cone Digester is a completely natural system that reduces your food waste back into its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and small residue.

How To Get Started

  • Purchase a Green Cone Digester for $90.00 at the Municipal Office, 330 Wallace Ave North, Listowel
  • Put all your food waste into your Green Cone, situated in a sunny part of your garden, and forget about it - almost everything disappears. This solar-heated unit takes ALL cooked and uncooked food waste

For more information on what organic material you can put into the Green Cone Digester, as well as how it is assembled and how it works, please view the following handout: Green Cone Digester Handout