Fire Permit

A burn permit for fires in rural areas must be obtained before starting an open air burn larger than 3 meters (10 feet) in diameter.  A permit can be obtained by calling the North Perth Fire Department Administration Office at 519.291.6825.   Open burning is permitted in rural areas of North Perth, but must be supervised at all times.  The fire may not be started before sunrise and must be extinguished no later than sunset.  Permits are issued for one day periods only.  Such burning may NOT contain rubbish, such as tires and/or plastics or materials that produce noxious odours to the surrounding neighbourhood.   Obtaining a permit ensures the safety of residents and their property.  It is necessary to obtain permission from the Fire Chief or his designate before burning in order to avoid being invoiced for the costs of services rendered. 

Open burning is NOT permitted in urban areas within the Municipality of North Perth.  The occupants of urban areas must use an approved containment site.  For further information, please contact the North Perth Fire Department Administration Office at 519.291.6825.   

Any person who set a fire in open air without permission or without abiding by Burn By-law 117-PW-2001, and requires the attendance of the North Perth Fire Department, is responsible for the costs to the municipality to bring the fire under control.  This includes vehicle, personnel and firefighting material costs.

Fire bans may be put in place from time to time as required.