North Perth Public Library Board

Current Board Members

  • Paul Horn, Council representative, Chair
  • David Ludington, Council representative, Vice-Chair
  • Becky Beuerman
  • Pauline Boertien
  • John McLeod
  • Ann Soltys
  • Bernice Weber Passchier


The Library Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Program Room, Listowel Branch.  The Board generally does not meet in July and August.  Groups wishing to appear as a delegation before the Board should register with the Library CEO in advance of the meeting.  Board meetings are open to the public.

Please note that the March meeting will be held one week early, on March 6, 2018, in the Committee Room, Office of the Municipality of North Perth, 330 Wallace Ave N. Listowel. 


Friends of the North Perth Public Library Committee

North Perth Public Library Capital Projects Advisory Committee

Next Meeting: to be determined

Listowel Branch Advisory Sub-Committee

Next Meeting: to be determined

Monkton Branch Advisory Sub-Committee

Next Meeting: To be determined

Atwood Branch Advisory Sub-Committee

Next Meeting: to be determined

Board Minutes

The North Perth Public Library (NPPL) Board meeting minutes are made public by the Muncipality of North Perth in the Consent Agenda portion of Council Agenda packages.  Below are the meeting minutes from the NPPL Board, starting with the most recent.  Within each link, please scroll to the indicated pages to view. You may need to "Zoom" in by clicking the + sign in bottom right-hand corner of screen. 

Meeting Date


October 2017, p.23-24  Minutes
September 2017, p.20-22 Minutes
July 2017, p.19  Minutes
June 2017, p.15-18 Minutes
May 2017, p.13-14 Minutes
March 2017, p.14-15 Minutes
February 2017, p.11-13 Minutes
January 2017, p.13-15 Minutes
December 2016, p.11-12 Minutes
November 2016, p.27-29 Minutes
October 2016, p.25-29 Minutes
September 2016, p.22-24 Minutes
August 2016, p.20-21 Minutes
June 2016, p.17-19 Minutes
May 2016, p.21-22 Minutes

April 2016, p.19-20


March 2016, p.12-13


February 2016, p.10-12


January 2016, p.39-65


December 2015, p.15-16


November 2015, p.21-23


October 2015, p.36-38


September 2015, p.20-22

June 2015, p.17-19 Minutes
May 2015, p.23-24 Minutes 
April 2015, p.20-21 Minutes 

March 2015, p.16-17

February 2015, p.14-15 Minutes 
January 2015, p.12-13 Minutes 
December 2014, p.34-36


November 2014, p.29-31 Minutes 
October 2014, p.26-28 Minutes 
September 2014, p.23-25 Minutes 
July 2014, p.22 Minutes
June 2014, p.19-21 Minutes
May 2014, p.22-23 Minutes
April 2014, p.24-25 Minutes
March 2014, p.21-22 Minutes
February 2014, p.18-20 Minutes
January 2014, p.10-12 Minutes
December 2013, p.11-13 Minutes
November 2013, p.17-19 Minutes
October 2013, p.13-15 Minutes
September 2013, p.12-14 Minutes
July 2013, p.24-25 Minutes

June 2013, p.15-16

May 2013, p.54-55 Minutes
April 2013, p.20-22 Minutes
March 2013, p.23-24 Minutes
February 2013, p.11-13 Minutes
January 2013, p.20-22 Minutes
December 2012, p.20-22 Minutes
November 2012, p.18-19 Minutes
October 2012, p.13-14 Minutes
August 2012, p.18-19 Minutes
July 2012, p.16-17 Minutes
June 2012, p.14-15 Minutes

Interested in Becoming a Member?

The Library Board members serve a four-year term concurrent with that of Municipal Council.  Any resident of the Municipality of North Perth is welcome to apply for a position on the Library Board by completing the application form or contacting the Municipal Clerk.