The Municipality of North Perth owns 12 cemeteries within the municipality. Fairview Cemetery in Listowel and Donegal Cemetery are the only active cemeteries in North Perth.

A new cemetery site was identified as a need for North Perth in the early 2000s. Because of this need and other growth factors, the Municipality acquired 100 acres of land at 8127 Road 165 in 2007 and designated a portion for a new cemetery development. It is anticipated that the new cemetery will become active in 10-15 years. 

Complete list of names and locations and map of North Perth Cemeteries.(4MB, pdf)

Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery was acquired by the Town of Listowel in 1945. Previously, Fairview Cemetery was a privately owned burial ground. The Fairview Cemetery has a chapel for winter interment and has 5 cemetery sections, which includes a cremation garden.

The following picture identifies the 5 sections of the cemetery:

Diagram outlinging the 5 sections of Fairview Cemetary

Fairview Cemetery is located across from 875 Davidson Ave N. (2,164kb, pdf)

Fairview Cemetery has a current life span left of approximately 30 years, with 750 sellable prime buriel plots available (based on 2017 numbers). As interest in cremation increases, the lifespan of the cemetery lengthens.

Cremation Gardens 

Fairview Cemetery is currently home to a Cremation Gardens section. The Cremation Gardens includes Columbarium structures that are designed and constructed to hold urns containing cremated remains in numerous small compartments or niches. 

To address the increased interest in cremation, the North Perth Cemetery Board is planning to move forward with Phase 3 of the Cremation Gardens in Fairview Cemetery.

Fees and By-law

Commemorative Bench & Tree Program

The Municipality of North Perth's Commemorative Bench & Tree Program invites the public to pay tribute to a person, organization or occasion by donating a bench or tree for installation in the municipality. For more information on the Program, visit the Commemorative Bench & Tree Program webpage.

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