Prosper In Perth County

Young professionals from various backgrounds and sectors have chosen to make Perth County home.

Who makes the move to rural Ontario? You will find these individuals:

  • Value a strong sense of community;
  • Want their free time spent with friends and family, pursuing hobbies or simply relaxing - not commuting; 
  • Seek homeownership;
  • Aspire to have a high quality of life;
  • Believe in raising their families in safe, healthy communities;
  • Have entrepreneurial spirits; and
  • Feel inspired by stunning, natural landscapes.

View the profiles below of North Perth youth who love living and working here. More profiles of youth from throughout Perth County can be found on the Perth County website. Get inspired to #ProsperInPerthCounty!

Alanna - Dairy Farmer

Blair - Industrial Mechanic Millwright

Becca - Accountant

Jeannine - Entrepreneur

Garrett - Accountant

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