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Arena Collapse

Memorial Arena 59'

On Saturday, February 28, 1959 about 9am, a peewee hockey game got under way in the Listowel, ON arena. Suddenly, at 9:27am, without any immediate warning, the roof and the walls of the rink section of the arena collapsed with thundering noise. 

Seven boys and one adult were killed and thirteen boys were injured. Of those who were on the ice and in the players' box, only two climbed out of the debris unharmed. Only a small part of the arena remained standing, namely the entrance section at the western end which had interior partitions. 

In recognition of this tragedy, we are building a park on the site of the former Listowel Memorial Arena to commemorate the families and community members affected. 

MAP59 Design Concept



* If you are interested in making a donation toward a specific park element, or an alternative payment method, please contact the Municipal Office and complete this pledge form.

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Please be advised that Monthly Donations will occur for the duration of the campaign, but not exceed 24 months.

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Dog Park

If you are interested in being involved with the North Perth Dog Park Committee, please reach out to

Follow along on Instagram: @northperthdogpark

Donor Recognition:

Any Amount: Online via Social Media
$100-$499: Signage at the Dog Park
$500+: Individual Plaque at the Dog Park
$50,000: Naming of the Dog Park

In accordance with the guidelines, the development of a dog park in North Perth is to be a community-driven project. The community-driven nature of this project is supported by the experience of many other municipalities, where the success of such an area is dependent upon a designated group of community volunteers who use the facility and are willing to share in ongoing responsibility for the operations and maintenance of the facilities. 

Steps to develop a Dog Park in North Perth

The proposed steps to develop a dog park in North Perth are; 

Step 1: Council adopts, in principle, the guidelines for the development of a dog park in North Perth. Adopted July 5, 2021

Step 2: Guidelines are posted on the municipal website, including a call for interested parties to form a dog park group. Posted July 12, 2021

Step 3: Interested community members come together to form a dog park group. A dog park group has been established.

Step 4: Dog park group works with municipal staff on location, criteria, design and cost estimates. Site selected, north of the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex.

Step 5: Council approves location of a dog park (approved) and design (in progress)

Step 6: Fundraising campaign for park development led by dog park group. We are here!

Step 7: Once the funds are obtained, Council considers approval for development of dog park. 

Step 8: Dog park is developed.

Step 9: Dog park opens; dog park group provides education to the public on safe dog park use; municipal staff provide grounds maintenance. 

Step 10: Ongoing communication between dog park group and municipal staff; any future maintenance and repair costs to be fundraised by dog park group. 

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