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Facade Improvement Program

North Perth has developed a Facade Improvement Program for businesses operating in the downtowns of Listowel, Atwood, and Monkton. This program has been designed to alleviate the costs of property renovations and improve the quality of our downtowns. The Municipality will provide a grant covering 50% of eligible costs to a maximum contribution of $7,500. If you are interested in applying, please review the program requirements below and contact the Economic Development Coordinator.

2024 Applications Now Open!

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we are only accepting applications from property and business owners in the downtowns of Listowel, Atwood, and Monkton. The downtown boundaries can be found within the program package. The Façade Improvement Program will be used to enhance the built environment within these key areas to help foster economic growth in North Perth. Because North Perth’s downtown communities vary in size and activity, funding will be distributed between the three downtown communities as such:

  • 60% for downtown Listowel
  • 20% for downtown Atwood
  • 20% for downtown Monkton

  • Redesign the storefront
  • Restore the original façade appearance
  • Repaint, clean, or sandblast the façade
  • Replace or repair windows and doors
  • Replace or repair canopies and awnings
  • Modify entranceways including improving/providing barrier-free accessibility
  • Replace, install or repair signage
  • Install street murals/public art along the building's façade
  • Install flower boxes
  • Other

This funding can only be used for exterior renovations. This may include improvements made to upper-story units in the downtowns, such as replacing windows or renovating the upper faceplate. However, this program does not include interior renovations of any kind.

The Municipality of North Perth plans to offer this program annually and will offer two intake periods each year:

  • Intake #1: February 1st
  • Intake #2: June 1st 

Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for Intake #1 starting February 1st. During Intake #1, the funding for this program will be divided as follows:

  • 60% for downtown Listowel
  • 20% for downtown Atwood
  • 20% for downtown Monkton

Please note that this distribution of funding will only apply during Intake #1. Intake #2 will begin June 1st, at which time project funding will become available to businesses in all three downtown communities. Funds will be awarded as applications are received.

There is no fee to apply for the FIP. However, if approved, applicants may be required to get permits depending on the project. FIP funding will not cover such fees associated with project approval. Applicants may be asked to provide a detailed design as part of the application package. Costs associated with the design will not be covered unless the application is approved and the costs are deemed reasonable. HST is also ineligible for FIP funding.

Yes. If you operate a business in the downtown boundaries but are not the property owner, you can still apply for program funding as long as you provide written authorization from the property owner (see application).

Projects must begin within 6 months of approval and must be complete within 12 months of approval. If applicants do not meet either of these deadlines, the Municipality may choose to deduct 25% of the grant awarded to the applicant.

The Municipality will provide grants on a one-time basis upon completion of the proposed project, provided it meets the conditions agreed upon in the original application approved by the Council delegate. It is the property owner’s responsibility to arrange an inspection with the Municipality. Applicants must submit original invoices. Funds will not be processed without proof of payment for work completed.

Applicants must notify the Municipality during the agreement signing if they cannot submit the final payment for the completed project without the assistance of the grant money. An agreement may be struck where the Municipality pays the contractor directly with a portion of the grant. The applicant must submit a letter of understanding from the contractor with the application.

Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the status of their application. Once approved, applicants are required to enter into an agreement with the Municipality.

Yes, applicants must provide two detailed quotes from two separate contractors for each component of their project.

Yes, but with limitations. Please contact the Economic Development Coordinator for more information.

The approval committee will consider whether an applicant plans on working with local contractors as part of the review process. When possible, the Municipality encourages applicants to use local contractors.

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