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Information & Learning

Agricultural Publications - OMAFRA

  • Production Guides for common and specialty crops & livestock
  • Farm & Agrifood Business Planning Reference Documents
  • Provincial Agricultural Regulations

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AgScape is a proud member of Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada (AITC-C). Responsible for bringing agriculture and food education to Ontario classrooms, AgScape is one of ten provincial members, who work alongside our national AITC-C partner to ensure every youth in Canada has an agriculture and food education experience. 

Educator's Guides - Farm and FoodCare Ontario

  • Real Dirt on Farming Magazine with Curriculum-Related Activities
  • FarmFood360 in the Classroom immersive videos

Educator's Guides - Farm and FoodCare Ontario

MDS / Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient Management- OMAFRA

Resources on managing manure, biosolids and other organic material, including siting, storage, handling, anaerobic digestion and more. 

Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) - OMAFRA

Learn how to determine the recommended separation distance between a livestock barn, manure storage or anaerobic digester and other land uses. 

For a full list of Nutrient Management Consultants Across Ontario, visit : Nutrient Management

OMAFRA Best Management Practices 

  • Technical information publications
  • Soil & Water Protection
  • Farm Planning & Decision-Making
  • Productivity, business objectives and the environment

OMAFRA Best Management Practices

Ontario and Soil & Crop Improvement Association 

  • Not-for-profit organization delivering educational workshops, research, and incentive programs to the farm community.
  • Environmental Farm Plan Workshops
  • Biosecurity Webinars
  • Industry-specific resources & calculators

Ontario Normal Farm Practices Protection Board

  • Provincial board governing disputes regarding agricultural operations and to determine what constitutes a normal farm practice
  • Aims to balance the needs of the agricultural community with provincial health, safety and environmental concerns

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Set7 Skills & Technology Career Training Program

The Set7 training program offers training and growth opportunities for individuals through online and in-person instruction at various campuses located throughout North Perth. Employees, jobseekers and those looking to upgrade skills are encouraged to attend and earn certificates towards their career goals. Contact Set7 today for the full offering of current training opportunities.

Courses Include:

  • Skills Upgrading Courses
  • English (ESL) Courses for Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Health & Safety Training

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