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Farm Stewardship & Conservation

Agriculture and the environment are inextricably linked. Farms in North Perth are at the forefront in adopting sustainable practices, producing more food & commodities with fewer resources. Farmers are stewards of the land; balancing a healthy agricultural system & natural environment will ensure the community’s prosperity for generations to come. 

Perth County Stewardship Program

  • Support for projects that improve the local environment
  • Forest & woodlot health assessments, tree planting planning & funding, and fragile land reclamation
  • Different funding streams available for private landowners, community organizations and municipalities

Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

  • Jointly owned by municipalities within the Maitland River watershed including North Perth
  • Responsible for regulation of activities in hazardous areas to prevent loss of life and reduce property damage due to flooding and erosion, including regulating building and construction projects.
  • Assists North Perth with flood and erosion emergency preparedness and provides flood forecasting services
  • Management of 28 Conservation Areas in Huron and Perth Counties

Environmental Farm Plans - OSCIA

  • Led by Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association
  • Voluntary Assessment prepared by farms to increase safety & environmental awareness
  • Highlights available Cost-Share programs to help implement improvements
  • Many cost-share programs available request a current environmental farm plan
  • OSCIA Program Coordinators help you connect with resources you need to implement your plan over time at your own pace
  • Local Workshops available throughout the year

Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

  • Not-for-profit organization delivering educational workshops, research, and incentive programs to the farm community.
  • Peer-led local chapters to collaborate, improve and grow together
  • Knowledge Transfer & Learning Events & Opportunities

Farming and The Environment- Farm & Food Care Ontario

  • Farm & Food Care’s environmental projects bring together farmers, government, commodity groups and academia to grow more food with fewer resources.
  • Responsible Manure Application
  • Sustainable, Long-Term Rental Agreements
  • Water & Soil Health Resources

Maple Leaves Forever

  • Not for Profit Organization supporting the planting of rows of native maple trees along roadsides, lanes, and property boundaries
  • 25% rebate for eligible projects up to 50 trees available to be purchased from local nurseries


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