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Emergency Management

Perth County’s Emergency Management program is a unified program for the County, and the Lower-Tier member municipalities of North Perth, Perth East, Perth South, and West Perth.

The aim of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is to outline actions the County, or a Municipality/Township may take to deploy resources, equipment and services. In addition, identify responsibilities to guide the County, or a Municipality and its response partners through a coordinated emergency response, declared or not, in order to;

  • protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, businesses and visitors,
  • safe guard critical infrastructure,
  • protect the environment,
  • ensure future economic vitality, future resiliency and reduce vulnerabilities.

The emergency management program is aligned with Emergency Management Ontario’s risk-based management approach to management and response.

Development of the Perth County Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and overall management of the emergency management program for the County, including the Lower Tier Municipalities is done in coordination with the County’s primary Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC).

Perth County's Emergency Response Plan is a comprehensive Plan, inclusive of Perth County, and the following Lower-Tier Municipalities.

  • Municipality of North Perth
  • Township of Perth East
  • Township of Perth South
  • Municipality of West Perth


For further information on the County’s Emergency Management program, click here to be taken to the Emergency Management website.  To view the Emergency Response Plan, click here.

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