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Water Meter Replacement Project

Press Releases:

April 21, 2023: FULL STORY

March 15, 2023: FULL STORY

The Municipality of North Perth has begun installing new water meters as part of a major upgrade project. The new meters along with a new reading collection system will collect faster, near real-time information about individual water consumption which will enable customers to manage and conserve water use, as well as help detect water leaks within individual properties.

The Municipality of North Perth has partnered with and contracted Neptune Technology Group to complete this work. This project will ensure the continued accuracy of the water meter and also allow for remote meter reading as opposed to manual reading, thus creating efficiencies within the system. This is a mandatory program in accordance with By-Law 71-PW-2004

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The new water meters and data collection system will allow a new online service that will offer many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced water consumption information that can help customers conserve and manage water use
  • Improved customer support from municipal staff who will be able to see water use in near real-time
  • Leak detection that could help customers save water and money
  • More timely meter reads

As Neptune Technology Group moves into your area, you will receive a notification pamphlet containing information on booking your appointment. If you are a tenant, please contact the building owner when you receive this information. 

The notifications will provide a unique customer ID that will allow customers to book their own appointments. Once you receive a notice, booking an appointment is quick and easy and can be done online at or through Neptune’s call centre at 1-800-667-4387. Please do not contact Neptune until you have received the notice.


Prior to the appointment, please ensure:

Your water meter is accessible with a clearance area of at least 16 inches wide by 16 inches, and your water shut-off is clear of obstructions and is operational. 

The water meter replacement procedure typically takes 30-90 minutes. The installer will need to shut off the water to your house while your water meter is being replaced. An adult (18 years or older) must be home during the appointment. There is no charge for the water meter upgrade.

Why does my water meter have to be upgraded?

The typical life of a meter is between 15 to 20 years, and they eventually need to be replaced. Also, advances in metering technology make it easier and more efficient to obtain readings.

Do I need an adult present?

An adult of at least 18 years of age must be home for the entire appointment. 

Where is my water shut-off valve located?

The water shut-off valve is typically located where your water service line comes into your home. This is usually in your basement. 

Who is responsible for maintaining the meter?

The Municipality is responsible for any future water meter maintenance, provided you, the owner, take reasonable precaution to prevent any damage to it. It is illegal to tamper with the water meter

Who do I contact in an emergency situation?

For water meter related emergencies, call Neptune at 1-800-667-4387.

How do I know the meter reading is accurate?

The water meters are factory tested and exceed the standards for accuracy set by the American Water Works Association.

How do I recognize my water meter technician?

Every authorized Neptune technician is uniformed and carries identifications, including name, picture and ID number. 

View the PDF to read your Neptune Procoder

About Neptune Technology Group

The Neptune Technology Group has been involved in this industry for over 120 years and has a proven track record of successful partnerships with Canadian water utilities and industry representatives from coast to coast.

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